quinta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2013


Sem palavras. Essa musica é linda.

I Tried

I cant forget that day I got you
There's something about you
I just watched you
Like something I tried but I forgot to
It's not that i want to
It's just that I lost you

Thoughts of you run over in my mind and
I try so hard to just press rewind to find
Something I held maybe one time and I

All I do is think

But thinking about you never brought you back
so far from you in my mind I go
But my heart hurts and brings me back
Before i Know

And All i do is think

Cuz I tried to change
and I tried to change
and I tried to stay
I tried to stay the same
i tried to work
and tried to work
I tried for her, I tried

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